Brian Sumner, USA Founder / CEO

Twitter: @BrianSumner420 Telegram: @sumner770​

Founder of Galaxy Heroes $GHC (@GalaxyHeroesGHC).

Started crypto journey in 2017, previously worked in marketing for BSC projects that hit over $1 billion market cap. A proud BAYC owner and a die hard enthusiast of NFTs, Brian has been dedicated to GHC for the transparency and the security of the project. He is the captain galaxy of GHC.

VT, Chinese Leader

Twitter: @VT6688 Telegram: @VT6688

Founder of V-Group Chinese Whales (@VCChinese).

Influential blockchain investor and community leader. VT is one of the biggest names and whales in BNBChain space, his vision is to take GHC to top and make it the first MovieFi token of crypto galaxy. VT’s passion is to make GHC a common name amongst the crypto investors and his twitter is a proof of his vision. The torchbearer of Galaxy Heroes, the lighthouse of GHC ocean.

Spidey, Blockchain evangelist

Twitter: @Spideycyp_155 Telegram: @spidey155​

A die-hard old-timer, Spidey began to dabble in crypto in 2018 and has embraced the ups and downs, riding on the crypto wave, effortlessly spinning his web around the web3 ecosystem. Spidey is a live example of how an investor can accelerate the growth of a project through sheer will, determination, and hard work. Spidey rose from the ranks and joined hands with the coveted core team of GHC thereby ensuring that the community stays strong and united in all spheres of operations.

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