Mission and Vision


GHC is your gateway to a decentralized galaxy where holders can take leadership of their finances and earn sparkly rewards.



Galaxy Heroes was introduced as a community-driven token geared towards fellow superhero fans. Led by affluential leaders, GHC's global community is highly involved and very active across the Defi space, working collectively to achieve every milestone.


Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric token with a focus on diversity across many areas of the decentralized space - from GameFi, NFTs, to the Metaverse. Some examples include governance mechanisms that will enable users to have a say in the project decisions; a cross-chain NFT Marketplace where you can buy, sell, mint, and showcase your NFTs; and a fully-fledged DEX with yield farming - all of which will be connected to the $GHC token, always generating new revenue streams for the holders.


We challenge ourselves to push for greatness with everything we do. We want to give power to the people by creating enjoyable experiences across Web3 dapps with social and space-themed game elements, as well as injecting our original heroes and villains into the metaverse i.e. Sandbox. Future technology, science, and space exploration have been the project's inspiration since day one. We aspire to take on more and more meaningful partnerships and collaborate with like-minded leaders in the space. Bridging the gap between the physical, Web3, and the metaverse.

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