Project overview

Galaxy Heroes GameFi is a 2D RPG game with technology galaxy universe style.

Background story

cosmic timeline

  • Ephemeris 2050: The earth has become uninhabitable due to environmental pollution, population, and war problems. The aviation division become the richest on earth. Elon Musk successfully sent the survivors to Mars. The story begins.
  • Ephemeris 2200: The mysterious alien family X helped mankind build a highly advanced technology and civilization on Mars voluntarily. They warned the mankind that galaxy will be invaded by higher form of aliens.
  • Ephemeris 2200 ~ Ephemeris 3220: Human civilization has highly developed in the Milky Way Galaxy, and has established diplomatic and commercial relations with many alien civilizations. Finally, in the year 3219 of the ephemeris, the Star Alliance system of the Milky Way Galaxy was established, and the exploration of extragalactic galaxies began the following year. The first target was the Vega Galaxy, which is two million light-years away from the Milky way. The Star Alliance assembled a Starship troop called "ExplorerOne" via SpaceX 50-Noah. The journey begins from Ephemeris 3220.
  • Ephemeris 3220~3225: The first exploration team "ExplorerOne" took the SpaceX 50-Noah to try to explore outside of the galaxy, but was suspected of being attacked and lost contact entirely.
  • Ephemeris 3225 ~ present: The exploration of the “ExplorerOne” exposed the coordinates of Mars, the evil forces began to invade. With the help of the family X, Humankind successfully destroyed the invader's wormhole portal and eliminated the invaders. Humankind attributed more to science and technology ever since, and began to prepare for any potential subsequent wars.

Power distribution

Explorer, expanding territory, merchants, connecting intergalactic civilizations, order, exploring uncharted territories.
Anti-hero side: Robber, First Explorer, Failed, Abandoned by Overlord, Totalitarian, Predator.
Servant, unstable factor of future rebellion, cloud information sharing, tool-based.
Aliens: Hunter, Warrior, Seeking Power and Proof, Battle Pact, Mercenaries, Religious System.
Higher Dimensional Consciousness: Outers, Unknown, Unobservable, Behind the Scenes.

Main Game Modules

  • Role module
  • Equipment Module
  • Adventure Module
  • PVE Module
  • Bounty Module
  • Strategic Reserve Module
  • Marketplace module
  • Racing Module
  • Rank Mechanism Module
  • NFT Collection Module
  • Profit Module
  • PVP Module (will be released in 2.0 version)
  • Pet Module (will be released in 2.0 version)
  • Spaceship module (will be released in 2.0 version)