1. V3 Token migration to a new smart contract on the BSC to strengthen security and services, ensuring a holistic Defi infrastructure for growth. Pursue mass adoption opportunities and focus on market segments. Incubate and accelerate original innovations with high-performing developers.

  2. Staking farm on the BSC to allow GHC investors to generate rewards during transaction validation, providing passive investment with attractive APR for steady profits.

  3. Cross-chain bridge using proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network that leverages validating nodes so users can swap assets between a myriad of networks such as Cronos which is one of the fastest-growing mainnet chain which will help more people to take the next step and transition to the broader world of self-custody and Web3.

  4. Update the Galaxy Heroes website.

  5. Marketing boost across every platform with more media releases, advertising, and influencer partnerships. Huge marketing budget will be dedicated to making #GalaxyHeroes trending in the blockchain space.

  6. Monthly competitions and prize draws will be run for participants to win amazing prizes and rewards.

    - A certain number of NFTs can be exchanged through GHC points from our unique bounty module each month.

  7. GHC is hyper-deflationary, meaning dev will be performing huge token burns periodically as the project hits major targets with the market cap.

  8. Galaxy Heroes GameFi is an online GameFi that will launch in the third quarter of 2022. GalaxyHeroesX, GalaxyHeroesX is a galactic universe series of RPG-type games, with more than a dozen ways play mode ranging from PvE, PvP, pets, to spaceship..

  9. Solution for GameFi 1.0 NFT: Proportional distribution into new GameFi NFT characters when the second season of our GameFi launches. - For the sake of maintaining the stability of the new GameFi, we will proportionally allocate GalaxyHeroes GameFi 1.0 NFT characters into the new GameFi after the second season of the GameFi, whilst the proportion needs to be referred to the first season data of GameFi.

  10. Partnering with the decentralized gaming platform The Sandbox, whereby purchasers can explore the virtual world of The Sandbox with Galaxy Heroes characters as avatars.

  11. Merch and swag drop with brand new designs, ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, to shoes.

  12. Launch the first NFT collectible toys which are each unique with an NFC chip attached to the NFTs, providing the ability to ascertain the origin and authenticity of the toy, to create and certify scarcity and provenance for physical collectibles.

  13. Transaction tax will be annulled and token authority will be surrendered when GHC's market cap exceeds $100 million.

  14. Listing on top CEX - OKX, Huobi, Binance, Coinbase, and more.

  15. Develop Galaxy Heroes IP to take our NFT characters into the next phase of our project roadmap. Partnership with animation studios to produce Galaxy Heroes animated pictures and films. Releasing episodes on YouTube and webtoon networks.

  16. Sponsor major movie studio productions.

  17. Provide sponsorship for space exploration technologies such as SpaceX and NASA.

Completed Milestones

  • GHC V3


  • Staking

  • Swap

  • GameFi

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